Rating scheme


I’ve just come across Ava Jae‘s rating scheme and so I’m adopting it for my blog henceforth. I’ll rate each book in two ways: first, I’ll give it a score out of five for content and language respectively, and then out of another five stars for the overall score.

For the five-star scheme here’s the rubric:

Each book/text starts off with five starts:

5: If I really enjoyed the text and found no major issues, neither with language nor content, it gets a five. Five stars are for the Harry Potters and Paradise Losts of books/texts.

4: If I really enjoyed it but there was one major issue or several small issues, then it gets a four.

3: If I liked it but there were some major issues, whether it’s plot-wise, language, pacing, voice, character development, etc… then it gets a three. A 3 stars rating is still a good book, one that I enjoyed but wasn’t blown away by it.

2: A two-stars book is one that I didn’t completely hate but it’s not one that I loved or would recommend.

1: One stars are for the unspeakables.


5 Stars – Great movie, no major issues, excellent character development and interesting plot. Examples of a 5 star movie: Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Ex Machina. 
4 Stars – A good movie with one major issue such as a huge plot hole or several small ones, like inconsistent character development. So I really enjoyed it but it’s not perfect. Examples: Avengers: Age of Ultron and Snowpiercer.
3 Stars – The movie was okay. The plot/story was somewhat compelling, the characters were interesting, etc…But it had major issues, e.g. bad CGI, static characters, or if it’s an unfaithful or bad adaptation of a book, you get the point. Examples: The first three Harry Potter movies.
2 Stars – A two star movie is simply bad. Example: The Star Wars prequels.
1 Star – Awful.


I rate series in a similar way to movies. I’ll be reviewing them by season.


I’ll rate a podcast as a whole and if one particular episode stands out (in a good or bad way) then I’ll discuss that.

5 Stars – Great
4 Stars – Good
3 Stars – Okay
2 Stars – Bad
1 Star – Awful

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