I’m Dina, the creator of this blog. I’m currently a graduate student at UMass, Amherst studying Early Modern Era British Literature. Like most English majors I love reading and writing; I enjoy all sorts of literary works but my particular area of interest is the Early Modern Era, also known as British Renaissance Literature, (because humans, emotions, sci-fi and religion all together). That being said, I love a good murder mystery and historical fiction novels. Aside from literature, my (geek) holy trinity is composed of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Marvel comics (DC comics are cool too but, you know).

So without further ado, the purpose of this blog! It’s where I contemplate the ‘verse. (If you’re  wondering, that’s a reference to the show Firefly).It’s where I dump my thoughts and rant after consuming the never-ending supply of pop culture. Every time I read a good book I’ll post a review, every time I watch a good movie or a binge-worthy TV series I’ll write about it here (okay maybe not every time because at times I just want to watch a darn movie or read a wretched novel without having to think about it…). This is a space where I reflect on life. Welcome to my bubble.

Comments, feedback and opinion all welcome. 🙂

May the force be with you,


This blog is fueled by black coffee and literary rage.


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