Friends, Romans, Countrymen! I have come to…okay I can see how Anthony’s speech won’t work…Anyway, name’s Dina and I’m a graduate student at UMass Amherst. I study Early Modern epics and epyllion, lyrical and devotional poetry, and also drama, especially tragedies (because I’m all about sunshine and unicorns). I also study Latin poetry, particularly Ovid. My main focus is religious experiences, both in poetry and on the stage, affect theory, and feminist critiques.

But during my free time there is nothing I love doing more than reading a good book or watching a good movie/series. I unabashedly love Marvel CU with all its glory, shamelessly read Dan Brown (okay I feel a lot of shame but it’s a guilty pleasure and you can’t argue that he keeps you going), and I like nothing more than a good ol’ historical fiction novel about Rome, the Crusades, or Anglo-Saxon England. I buy more comics than I can read and argue about Star Wars all day long.

This is where I show out my thoughts and rants after consuming the never-ending supply of pop culture. Every time I read a good book I’ll post a review or a terrible book I’ll go on a rant, every time I watch a good movie or a binge-worthy TV series, or one that you should run away from like Frank Castle is after you, I’ll write about it here (okay maybe not every time…). This is a space where I reflect on life in all its low-brow glory.

[And I make a lot of bad puns, you have been forewarned.]


**This blog is fueled by black coffee and literary rage.


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