Sandman: A Game of You Vol. V

“You know what the really scary thing about bad dreams? It’s that something’s going on in your head, and you can’t control it. I mean, It’s like there’s these bad worlds inside you. But it’s just you… it’s like you’re betraying yourself.”


Vol. V: A Game of You, was somewhat of a letdown after Season of Mist. It was more of a Romance than an Epic which was what I was hoping for after Vol. IV. And thought I appreciate a good quest, it was a bit bland in the beginning and seemed to be too mundane (again, Vol. IV set me up for some grand epic). The plot was coherent and flowed well, no doubt, the series does get better as it progresses. The other thing with this volume is that it gives you the false illusion that it will be a realistic story and not the usual delirium of Morpheus’ world but it then takes you down the rabbit hole and the sudden leap makes the suspension of disbelief somewhat hard (maybe that’s just my problem). I guess also the fact that the fantastical element of it wasn’t as dark as usual so I found it ridiculous and wasn’t able to fully engage with the story. It also stars Barbie as the main character which was weird and uncomfortable but it does explore gender roles and norms and transphobia which was great. And the thing that I truly appreciated about this volume is that it had one plot line throughout the whole volume, not a collection of various stories with the main characters which isn’t a bad thing but it’s nice to have a complete story that lasts longer than 8 pages.

Overall: 3.5/5

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