Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S.3

Thousands of years ago, an Inhuman was born on this planet that was destined to rule it. So powerful, so fearsome, that others were consumed with dread and so they banished it from the Earth. Sent it through the portal to a distant planet. HYDRA was founded with the sole purpose of engineering its return. -Gideon


I did see it, but I can’t really describe what it looked like. It’s more how it felt. Which is old and pained, as if it once had great power but lost it. And the entire planet is a wasteland. How that came to be I can’t really say. Not in any scientific terms, but my sense, and certainly Will’s heartfelt belief, was that the creature is the one responsible. That it caused the desolation. -Jemma


The events of season 3 of Agents of SHIELD picks off around six months after the finale of season 2, where Jemma gets sucked into the monolith. The first part of the season explores the different planet that the monolith leads to and the team’s attempt at getting Jemma back. *cue Fitz desperate and heartbreak*

In the meantime Ward is rebuilding Hydra with the Von Strucker kid, however Hyrda doesn’t need rebuilding because the elites are alive and well, and as powerful led by Malik Gideon. It is as if there are two parts to Hydra: a brute force sector with the Von Struckers, the Alexander Pierces, and Ward. Then the old school Hydra who are more like a cult that believes in a Hydra god and keeps sending sacrifices to him every year through the monolith. The Hydra cult is composed of the bigger badder boys with the money and conviction.

Gideon has been part of the cult. He recruits Ward and rebuilds Hydra based on his cultish religious beliefs; his main goal is bringing the Hydra God back: The Great Alvus, also known as HIVE.

He succeeds in brining him to the world and HIVE wrecks havoc upon the Inhumans and the human world alike. Alvus plans on building an army of Inhumans and also tries to recreate the Kree experiments that created him in the first plan so that he can turn humans into inhumans. The rest of the season is then SHIELD’s attempt at bringing HIVE or Alvus down and restoring order.


Now I didn’t expect things to get better after Season 2, I thought they couldn’t top it. But surprise surprise, the Whedons strike again. It maintains it’s awesomeness level from season 2 and even outdoes itself at times.

First of all, I love that the show is finally becoming more independent from the MCU as this allows it to fully explore the inhumans and several other plot storylines. The story was amazing and naturally full of heartbreak.

SO much heartbreak.

And it’s not the classic Whedon heartbreak where they kill off your favorite character unexpectedly (I’m still not over Wash), but it’s a whole new level of devastating heartwrenching heartbreak. It’s the type where you see your favorite characters suffer and never get any closure, where they go through crap and are never rewarded, nothing good ever happens goddamnit. The Bobby and Hunter episode explains what I mean.

For the bright side, the character development in this season was amazing, and I would say especially in terms of Coulson’s character, Skye’s, and Mac’s. But the whole cast evolved beautifully. And the harmony between them was fabulous, you see the team growing together and not separately-does that make any sense? My favorite being the conversations between Mac and Agent Yo-Yo and then Mac and Agent May.

Mack: How’s he holding up?
May: No one comes to me with their feelings.
Mack: Makes sense.

Mack: Not all of us have super speed.
Elena: This isn’t about super speed, this is about your turtle speed.

Mack: Hurry

Yoyo: Oh turtle man wishes for me to hurry

And the best thing about this season was FitzSimmons. Their crossing of the Quantum Linear whatever nerdy talk they had was hilarious and adorable. And also, it’s about damn freaking time!! I’m not one to ship characters but these two are made for each other, and they’ve had more than enough troubles for two and a half seasons, and the audience had their fair share of frustration.

The only character that didn’t feel in tune with the rest of them was Lincoln, even though Luke Mitchell was a decent actor, the character seemed almost useless. Like a way to fill in some gaps and plot  holes.

Hey electric company, can you light things up? -Mack to Lincoln

Lincoln: I never saw the original Terminator.

Coulson: You’re off the team.

The CGI was also so much better this season, we went from flying Lola to badass Helicarriers and Yo-Yo zipping around like the Flash. Though Lash and Alvus still needed some better CGI makeup or whatever it is that they do.

Now here’s my issue with this season. I didn’t like the structure of it. I felt like the first half should’ve been a season on it’s own. The first 10 episodes were great and should’ve been given more time to explore that plot line. Then the second part of the season should’ve been a season on it’s own because 13 episodes aren’t enough to properly explore and flesh out (pun intended) the concept of HIVE and develop the character and the new team dynamics. IT felt rushed and unfulfilling.

What are the chances he just tripped and fell and wrapped himself in a nice, comfy tarp?

Hunter about Ward

So what I’m saying, Marvel/Whedon, I want more HIVE. More Secret Warriors. More Coulson. Cancel the finale and remake the last part. I also didn’t like the epilogue, it was meh at best. Goth Daisy isn’t my style.

Score: 4/5



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